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Safe Passenger or Wheelchair Transport
Available 24/7, Every Day of the Year

PremierCare Medical Transportation provides reliable, professional and compassionate door-to-door transportation for all non-emergency situations. If you or someone in your care needs a ride to and from an appointment, we have the car for that. If family members or caregivers are going along, a minivan may be the best choice. Those who use wheelchairs will want to use our wheelchair-transport vehicle equipped with hydraulic lifts.

Whatever the need, each of our clients can rest secure in the good hands of friendly personnel who are proficient in first aid and CPR and who have American Red Cross training, CPR certification and education in blood-borne pathogens. Our friendly, compassionate employees also have National Safety Council training in defensive driving and are skilled in customer service as well as in wheelchair and occupant restraint.

We provide exceptional care for each of our clients, whether ambulatory or wheelchair-dependent. Comfort and safety are foremost, and we take pride in arriving at the destination on time and in being prompt when it’s time for the return trip home. We’re cognizant of budgetary restraints, so we take care to keep our fees fair and affordable.

Each one of our clean, hygienic vehicles is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to assure worry-free travel by the safest, most efficient route. All our uniformed drivers undergo rigorous background checks and routine testing for drugs and alcohol.

PremierCare is proud to be the medical transport of choice for some of the region’s most respected institutions, and we diligently represent each individual and institution we serve.


• Available 24/7, in town/out of town
• Experienced contractor for multiple counties
• Participated in NC Tracks pilot program and audit process 
• Employs CTS software for scheduling, real time tracking, trip management, and billing
• All vehicles equipped with GPS and instant  two way communication